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Thursday, June 9, 2011

The End Has Arrived

It sure feels that way and I love it.

Today is my sweetheart's 22nd birthday. I know, we're young. Over six years together and I can't believe how amazing he's been to me. I hope his birthday is as excellent as he is. This morning I got up at 6am to go buy cake mix and bake him a cake while he was sleeping. 

My front-heavy graduate course load is nearing it's end. Today is my last day! Well, it's my last day with twelve credits at least. There will still be classes but the worst is over and I'm excited. I'm ready to start cooking and reading. 

Around the internet, I'm loving:

  • Looking at Pioneer Woman's recipes
  • Perusing beautiful photos on Pinterest
  • Playing with Instagram on my iPod Touch (if you have it, friend me so I can see your photos! I'm allisonmseward)
  • Diigo keeping track of my "must try" recipes
  • Playing Words with Friends (sewardam to any who play)
I'll try to keep Instagram photos to a minimum but while I've been busy these last couple of weeks it's been much more convenient than carrying my Nikon around. Hopefully I'll be back in amateur photographer mode soon.

Tomorrow I'll be catching up on all the blog posts again. Looking forward to hearing about your weeks!


Bibi - Simple Summit said...

Belated happy birthday!!! :)
and a happy summer for you guys, with your classes being done for now :)
I love your new profile picture at the top of your page! You are soooo pretty!!!

SJ said...

just added you on instagram :)

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