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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Cereal Bar

One of our campus dining halls had a snack similar to this on it's dessert table a week or so ago. I decided I must try and recreate it at home. I consider this a success.

The basic ingredients are: cinnamon toast crunch cereal, marshmallows, chocolate, and butter(?).

I used a double boiler because I'm skeptical of putting chocolate chips right on a stovetop pot regardless of the situation. So I threw random amounts of each ingredients into the second pot. I just wanted them to look fairly even.  Maybe I used a few more marshmallows than strictly necessary. I used maybe a tablespoon of butter, but I'm honestly not sure if you really need butter here.... hence the question mark up above. 

Once the double boiler got the chocolate nice and melted with the ingredients I stuck it in the oven at 350 F for around 15 minutes. I stirred all the ingredients around and let it cool! Easy enough right?

It's delicious and you can pick off little pieces to eat. In a way it's like eating smores without the hassle of needing a campfire (which can be difficult to garner approval for in an apartment). 


Renée said...

yummie! have a nice week xo

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