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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rain, Rain

Go away?

We've had boatloads of rain here the last couple of days and it interrupted my latest geocaching adventure. I've been indoors a lot these past two days though because of grad school (so busy)! So at least it's a good time for all this rain.

Still, I'm ready for some blue skies and sun! 

Summer I'm ready.

On the bright side, you can't get rainbows without rain.

I saw this mini-pretty at the end of my adventure on Sunday.

May your days be filled with sunshine, or if there is some rain falling, I hope you at least get a decent rainbow!


Bibi - Simple Summit said...

great pictures! How's grad school going?
It's been raining here, too, especially today!

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Pretty pictures :) I'm glad you got a rainbow at the end!

teacup adventure said...

my roommate and I just complain about the rain all the time! we think it's a sign of the upcoming end of the world, obviously.

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