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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Charlottesville & Friendship Bracelets

Yesterday I traveled with my fiance to nearby Charlottesville, Virginia. We poked around the University of Virginia campus and walked the downtown Mall. It was a great day to look around and be outdoors although my feet hurt after walking so much! 

Also, you should join the friendship bracelet swap that Leigh is hosting. Shoot her an email if you're interested. I've never made a friendship bracelet before but I'm excited to learn and you can totally hop on board! 

Check her out.


Bibi - Simple Summit said...

I've visited the University of Virginia in Charlottesville years ago - I remember it was situated in the middle of nowhere (at least that was the impression I had coming down from NYC, where I went to school at the time)
Cute video - did you make it? :)

look here my sweet friend: hope you like it!

Michelle said...

Well as a Hokie (and a UVA rival)...
kidding but that's so cool :)

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