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Saturday, May 21, 2011

You Inspire Me

I was catching up on posts this morning (I promised I would right?) and was struck by how many of you I was nodding along in agreement with or how many times I was smiling because of something I read.

There were several posts but I'll just list a couple because I'm heading out in twenty minutes to go visit my aunt!


First I learned about mail art. I think I simply must join in on this. I love 'snail mail' and there is another blogger, Bethany, who sends the absolute cutest packages to me in the mail occasionally. I'd love to make my mail as cute as hers.

I was also reading Bibi's post about spending time with friends on the docks. Her happiness seeped out of her post and I was wishing I could be there with her. I consider the blogging community to be this way. Even though we don't know each other in 'real life', we listen to one another, encourage each other, and spread joy in one another's lives. I know several people really well from my Reasons to Smile blog and I'd love to get to know more of you well! Sometimes when I have a bad day I like to just come home and read and see what wonderful things are happening around the world.

Then I was reading Kaylia's post about being an adult. I'll be 22 tomorrow, I'm in grad school, and I'm engaged and I don't exactly feel like an adult. I mean, I feel responsible and capable but I still feel like people don't see me that way if only because they've known me since I was a baby. It's a challenge. 

I hope you're all having a great Saturday! Thanks for sharing so much of yourselves and I'm looking forward to building a tighter community with each of you. 


Bibi - Simple Summit said...

Girl - your post made me smile. It made my morning, thank you! Yes, I think the same way you (and others) do a lot of times and just like you I nod in agreement while I'm reading y'alls posts.

I, also, think that the online community is an extension of the Real World and it is such a great feeling knowing that you guys and girls are there to talk to. :)

I hope you have an awesome saturday!

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

PS: A big thanks for the shout out :) Made me smile "very much big" ;)

becky said...

This sure is a lovely round-up! :)

And by the way, as for opening a bakery: I am serious. It is a dream of mine. I am simply not convinced I have the skills required to do it. Hopefully, one day they will come and, hopefully, one day that dream will actualise itself. Thank-you, though, for such words of encouragement. It was such a lovely thing to read.

The Many Colours of Happiness said...

Aww thank you so so much!!! You're the sweetest and absolutely made my week :) I know what you mean about people still seeing you as young. My little sister (but we have come to agreement that inside she's older) will always see me as completely immature and all round hopeless no matter what!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on all the milestones you just is full of adventures, isn't it!? Mail art is a lot of make and to receive! Our mutual blogger friend has given me your name as being interested...I hope you'll join in!

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