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Friday, May 6, 2011

Millie Bag

Today I received my Jo Totes camera bag in the mail and I've been using it plenty already.

I ordered the Millie style in gray and have been asked my opinion on it because most people have reviewed on the Rose bag.

Here it is!

  • Size
  • Color
  • Length of Strap
  • Weight (light)

  • Clasp being on bottom
  • Size
Yes, size was on both lists. It's great for everyday usage but let me warn you that if you're looking to carry more than one camera body with lens and one extra lens it won't fit.  That's ok with me but I want you to be prepared. Also, when you put your items in the bag it already feels like it's bulging. 

The clasp being on the bottom of the bag surprised me periodically throughout the afternoon but I guess some might feel more secure that way.

The shoulder strap is plenty long and easily adjustable which I love and with the pad the strap doesn't dig in at all.  I also love that my Kindle can fit right in the front pocket!

Still, fits in well, very stylish, and very light. Easy mobility and took the weight well. Of course I'm used to carrying my camera around in purses anyways so it's a great fit for me!

I love the gray and pleated front. Very stylish!


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The bag looks great! Hope its size grows on you ;o)

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