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Friday, May 27, 2011

Games, Weekends, and a Lake

While Monday through Thursday can be over-the-top busy Friday is perfect. During these summer courses, the Education Masters program doesn't have Friday classes which means every weekend is a three day weekend. I've always wondered what a difference it would make if we worked one less day and relaxed more and, well, it's amazing. 

Although every evening this week I did get some fun time in with Noah and friends. 


Yesterday, a half hour before class the girls from the apartment downstairs invited me to come join in on a water balloon fight. That was so kind of them! I told them next time I would fill up the balloons.  We had a lot of fun and I had just enough time to get to class in an orderly fashion.


On Tuesday night my friends and I were hoping to go to Trivia Night at a local restaurant but by the time we got there (half an hour early!) the tables were already full. Instead we went to a local ice cream joint, Kline's, and enjoyed some cones and milkshakes. Then we went to a girl's townhouse to play Sequence, a new board game.


On Wednesday night I treated Noah to Cici's Pizza because he finished a book. I love reading but he doesn't and at the beginning of summer we made a deal, if he finished reading a book that he'd been working on for over a year I would take him out to a place that I normally would refuse to go to. He finished and it was worth it! How's that for some positive reinforcement?


Today, after a week's worth of indecision I decided to buy an iPod Touch. I'm doing research on the use of ipads and ipods in a classroom as part of a course program for my Masters. It caused me to debate about buying one to test out apps for science, education, and math and of course for self enjoyment. It's actually plugged in as I type and while that means all my birthday money (and a bit of personal) is gone, I can hopefully get a real feel for using it for educaitonal purposes.

I am a LOVER of technology and I think it is one of the absolute best way to engage students. The more I can do in my class related to it and their interests I think the better off we'll be.

Tomorrow I'm going with Noah and his family to clean up their lake house. I'm so excited for canoeing and relaxing on a wrap-around outdoor porch. It just screams summer! 

Have a wonderful weekend and I am looking forward to reading your posts today!


teacup adventure said...

water balloon fight sounds awesome! I haven't had one since last summer as a camp counselor! have fun at the lake!

Bibi - Simple Summit said...

I agree with Teacup Adventure - a water balloon fight sounds awesome!!!
Have a great weekend :) We passed through your college town on our way to PA late last night - I thought about you!

Shelly said...

I have a classroom set of iPod Touches that I have been using all year with my students. They are easily underestimated and offer up many great apps and programs that truly help students learn. You just have to be willing to think outside the box a little bit! I tend to utilize them for the area of literacy more than anything else - but the new ones with the camera - can make a great microscope (by adding a cheap cover that you have super glued a mini-magnifing glass to) - super cheap - super cool pics to share with students or for students to share with you! :) So much fun! Enjoy your research - there is so much yet to learn!

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